American Quality Molds (AQM), recently set new company production records in support of its customers, new and old, that needed rapid delivery of premium quality mold bases to produce medical equipment for those medical entities dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. It was during this time that AQM, a producer of premium quality aluminum mold bases for injection molding, was in the process of completing a move from its old facility in Hamilton, Ohio to its new facility in Richmond, Indiana. The new facility is double the size of the old facility and allows a similar increase in production capacity.

For twenty years, AQM was located in a rented facility in Hamilton, Ohio. Two years ago, the business was purchased by Shrader Enterprises, owned by Rick Shrader. While Shrader continued to operate AQM in its original location for the first two years, the company recently purchased a larger VMC, whereby AQM can now increase both the size of the products it produces as well as increase its overall production rate. Not only does the new facility, owned by Shrader, already house two non-affiliated businesses, it provides the space needed for the additional larger machine as well as provides a more open floor space facilitating better overall productivity including machining as well as assembly and shipping of the mold bases. The new facility not only provides better manufacturing space, it also enlarges the shop offices and provides a conference room for customer and vendor meetings.

Immediately after completing the purchase of the company, Shrader committed to increasing the inventory of finished products in order to better meet customer demands for rapid turnaround of a broader range of standard mold bases. It was this increased inventory that helped AQM meet the record shipment of mold bases in response to increased demand from customers responding to the immediate need for medical devices, even while completing the move from its original shop to its new facility.

Rick Shrader

Rick Shrader, President of Shrader Enterprises, inspects a part on one of the company’s VMCs while the operators for other VMCs look on. The picture displays the clean streamlined machining setup in the new manufacturing facility.

Zach Shrader

Zach Shrader, AQM Operations Manager, retrieves a plate from current inventory. The large open racks in the new facility make it much easier to quickly check inventory and determine which raw stock and finished product sizes need to be replenished, thereby ensuring a more consistent rapid customer response time.

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