Jim Hitchcock

FORMER CEO, President

Hitchcock Tool started in 1997 as a prototype mold shop. Initially our work consisted of aftermarket auto parts and prototype inventions. We mainly manufactured molds using aluminum frames and duplicated or nickel plated core and cavity. It became apparent, over time that the plastic molding industry was lacking in good low cost aluminum mold bases that could be purchased quickly when needed. Most molders machined their own aluminum molds because they couldn’t justify the cost of a steel mold and no aluminum mold bases were available ready to buy.

In 2004 we started machining aluminum mold bases for sale initially made to order. Today we have all of our standard size mold plates pre-machined, ready to assemble and grind. Delivery in most cases is 1-3 days.

In 2005 our company name was changed to American Quality Molds. This name change reflects our values and commitment to American made quality and workmanship. The fact is – our jobs depend on it.

In May, 2018, Mr. Hitchcock sold the business to Shrader Enterprises, LLC, Frederick (Rick) Shrader, President. Mr. Hitchcock remains as a part-time consultant to the business.

Honda Case Study on Aluminum Molds

Aluminum injection molds used to be thought ideal only for low-volume applications using commodity materials. That is changing as OEMs look more closely at tooling costs and cycle times to reduce piece-part pricing, and overall manufacturing cost.

Not long ago, aluminum tooling was considered “soft” tooling that couldn’t withstand the rigors of high-temperature, high-volume injection molding. And it was never to be used with glass-filled materials. However, that’s all changing for a variety of reasons, says Dave Wirth, Midwest sales manager/aluminum mold specialist for Clinton Aluminum & Stainless Steel.

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