American Quality Molds (AQM) and Tooling Software Technology, LLC (TST) (www.tst-software.com) have announced an alliance bringing AQM’s library of its standard aluminum mold bases and Rapid Insert Dies (RIDs) to VISI CAD, exclusively distributed in North America by TST.

As part of its current thrust to better serve the mold and die industries, TST selected AQM for this alliance because of AQM’s continuing leadership position in providing affordable premium quality aluminum mold bases and RIDs on a timely basis. Typically, AQM maintains sufficient stock of its standard mold base and RID components such that it can deliver a completed mold base or RID in a matter of 2-3 days while maintaining both its quality and affordable pricing.

Understanding how critical quick turnaround times are for the injection mold industry, having AQM’s standard mold bases already programmed into VISI’s software can reduce turnaround times from initial mold base design to delivery even further. Also, special sizes can often be rapidly designed in VISI by quick modifications of the standard mold base designs which will still provide relatively rapid delivery at affordable prices. This collaboration with VISI and AQM enables VISI customers to take full advantage of the parametric advantages of full integration of a premium software package.

Programming is now complete and the component library is available to generate VISI CAD drawings of each of AQM’s standard aluminum mold bases and Rapid Insert Dies (RIDs).

VISI CAD is a product of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, which is based out of Stockholm, Sweden and is a recognized leader for CAD/CAM Software solutions for the made-to-order tooling industry. TST Tooling Software Technology, LLC established in 2001, is the master distributor of VISI CAD in North America. TST Tooling Software Technology, is the leader among service providers in the international market. Their world class applications and stellar service provide our clients the competitive edge necessary to be successful in today’s business environment.

Shrader Enterprises, LLC, purchased American Quality Molds, LLC (AQM), Hamilton, Ohio, from previous owner, Jim Hitchcock, in May of last year. AQM has been in business since its founding by Mr. Hitchcock in 1997. Shrader Enterprises was founded by Rick Shrader 14 years ago. Mr. Shrader is a 2000 Manufacturing Engineering graduate from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Since purchasing the business last year, Mr. Shrader has concentrated on increasing in-house stock inventory to enhance rapid delivery of its products to customers while maintaining the quality instilled in the product by Mr. Hitchcock in addition to increasing the stock product sizes to provide the same rapid delivery to a broader customer base. AQM recently moved operations from the initial facility in Hamilton, Ohio, to its new facility in Richmond, Indiana, providing for increased manufacturing floor space, adding new equipment, and other benefits to ensure AQM is better equipped and able to deliver quality aluminum mold bases and RIDs in a timely fashion.

VISI users, in North America, can learn more about these component libraries by contacting TST Software at 248-922-9293 or sales@tst-software.com. To learn more about AQM, visit our website at www.aqmolds.com, or contact us directly at info@aqmolds.com.

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